Masala stands for a mixture of various spices mixed together, which adds more taste to your cooking.

BOLLYWOOD MASALA (Pro and Free version) is a 'premium' app for your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), inspired by the sound of "Bollywood", using the same rhythm instruments and styles typically featured in films of the genre.

You can now sing-along with the inbuilt loops, compose your own songs across ten templates of different styles and tempos in the Bollywood style. Save and share your creations with the world.

And what's more? You don't have to be a musician to use it! Just have some good fun.

Tap > Compose > Share

Unleash the singer / composer in you with Bollywood Masala. Add some spice to your musical creativity.

PRO Version Highlights:

Freshly recorded (16 bit / 44KHz wav) loops with performances by top players in the Bollywood industry

The inbuilt instrument loops in the app have been recorded in isolation / with natural room reverb / and in ensembles (e.g. 6 Dhols, 4 Duffs, etc.) - giving you that BIG BOLLYWOOD SOUND.

10 templates (a pallete of instruments clubbed together) with various Indian loops. Tempos vary from 80bpm to 135bpm.

Connect your headphones / headset to your iOS device and sing along, record your voice too! Play the instrument loops and/or sing endlessly, till your device battery permits :-)

Connect your iOS device to your home audio, or even to a PA system, and sing-along at parties or concerts!

Recording time limited upto 8 minutes for each song in any template (due to Apple's app stability restrictions). No restrictions on number of songs you can save.

Share your saved songs over email with friends and family… (this feature is built inside the app).

Loops are in Bollywood song style format, including melodic and rhythmic styles.

FREE Version Highlights:

Get 2 templates with 10 loops (you get 10 templates and 50 loops and more exciting features in the Pro version).

Recording time limited to 20 seconds per song. Playing the loops and singing along is possible endlessly, till your device battery permits.

No limit on number of songs you can save. No Fade-Out feature in the free version.

Sharing your saved songs via email is allowed in the free version also.


+ iOS 5 and above on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; app size is about 45Mb for the Pro version, 15Mb for the Free version;
+ any headphones or headset connected to the device will activate the mic for recording your vocals;

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