Raga (or Raag) is a combination of musical notes that are sung or played in a certain sequence in the ascending (aroha) and descending order (avaroha).

BOLLYWOOD RAGAS is a mobile app for your Android devices (ver 2.3 and above), developed with an aim to bridge Bollywood songs and Indian ragas.

We hope to bring the youth of today closer to Indian music by not just providing basic raga information, but also helping the app user to listen to melodious film songs inspired by Ragas + watch their videos!

The database of songs will keep growing over time, and you too are welcome to help us build it up faster with your suggestions.

Go ahead and download the Bollywood Ragas app on your device now.

Get to know our Indian classical music a little better. And what's more… you can set the app text language to HINDI!


Well researched list of Hindi film songs with language settings in Hindi and English.

Opens up with highlighting the raga you should listen to - based on your device's system time!

For those who feel comfortable reading Raga scales and song titles in Hindi, just change the Language setting in the app itself!

Listen to the songs using the Saavn app on your device for free (WiFi/data plan charges as applicable).

Watch the song's videos on YouTube from within the app (WiFi/data plan charges as applicable).

Search and listing features built-in to help you customise the songlists your taste.

Western notations given for Aroha (ascending scale) and Avaroha (descending scale).

You will keep getting regular updates with more songs and ragas.


Thym Infoware, Ahmedabad, India:
Concept: Hetal Trivedi
Developers: Udit Shah and Akshara Kaul
Hindi Translation: Dhara Joshi

Design: Ashish Mankad
Research: Kamlesh Chauhan, Rajalakshmee Sanjay
Intro Music: Raj Pandit


Any Android device with operating system 2.3 and above.


The Bollywood Ragas app is primarily our effort to add interesting and relevant information connecting the vast ocean of Indian classical music with Bollywood songs. Yes in its purity, no film song can be called a raga, and we have listed raga inspired songs here.

This Application is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to North Indian Classical Music; nor does it claim complete authenticity in the Ragas and forms described herein. The information in the application is based on www.swarganga.org and follows the www.itcsra.org form of musical notations. The Bollywood Ragas app in no way claims to be an 'authority' on Indian Classical Music. As mentioned earlier, its purpose is purely on an introductory level and meant to initiate a connaissance of the Indian Classical Music with the help of songs from Hindi Cinema. Some of the functionality of the application (listen to songs, watch their videos) will take you to external sources and you may need to follow the instructions / requirements (explained in our Help menu) of those sources to be able to enjoy full functionality of this application.

For any suggestions and improvements, please feel free to send us an email to info@philtrelabs.com

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