Download these mp3 demos containing some loops from our sample libraries. These demos also include sounds from other products:


Bollywood Elements Demos

Demo 1

.... by Salim Merchant

(.mp3 - 1.7 Mb)

Demo 2

.... by John Stewart

(.mp3 - 1.6 Mb)

Demo 3 (BE and BG)

.... by Deepak P. A. and Aditya Mehta
(.mp3 - 1.7 Mb)
Bollywood Grooves Demos

Demo 1

(.mp3 - 1.3 Mb)

Demo 2

(.mp3 - 600 Kb)

Demo 3

(.mp3 - 1.6 Mb)


Demos made by USERS:

Jürgen Drogies, Germany

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