Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Loop / Lick?
A loop constitutes a product that includes a musical performance. Whether it be a tabla loop or construction kit, a lick or riff, a loop is anything on a particular product with a BPM (beats per minute).

What am I purchasing?
When you puchase a Philtre Labs product, you are NOT obtaining OWNERSHIP of the sounds - you are in fact purchasing a LICENSE to use the sounds within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. The original producer of the sounds will always remain the OWNER of the sounds.

How can I use these sounds?
You may use the sounds on our products in combination with other sounds within your musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees or royalties for such usage. For example, if you are the original purchaser of a Phitre Labs sample CD-ROM / DVD-ROM, and you used sounds from it to create the soundtrack of a television commercial, simply by combining a tabla loop sample with a guitar loop sample, and the TV advert was broadcast hundreds of times, you would keep all the royalties that the advert earns you, because you already purchased a private license to use the sounds commercially. You cannot use the sounds in isolation (i.e. when not within musical compositions) as part of a commercially released project - for instance you cannot use the sounds to make another sample CD/DVD, or "library music" sound file album, or multimedia sound library CD-ROM / DVD-ROM.


(1) Loops must be used in a musical context with other instrument sounds that contribute significantly to the composition.
(2) The entire loop, sample file or one-shot cannot be left exposed at any time in the composition.
(3) If you have any doubts on a composition meeting this criteria, you may submit it to for a written approval. Please do not send us any audio or MP3 files. You can send us a link to your composition on your web server.

Who else can use the Philtre Labs product(s) that I purchase?
Nobody, unless they also purchased the same product brand new. Only the ORIGINAL PURCHASER of has the right to use the sounds commercially.
Each product pack comes with a unique serial number and a single user license. This means that you CANNOT SELL or give the sounds to anyone else. Copying the contents, distribution or sharing these sounds over the Internet or physically is strictly prohibited.

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